Sunday, November 23, 2008

Susan and Fred - November 22 2008

4:30 am - November 22 2008 - It was extremely cold mind you but I was up and ready to go! Dao did their beautiful hair and I had the honour to do their makeup. Everyone one 6 Bridal party had to be ready hair and makeup before 9:00 am. How I love my work. I had the honour to do this Wedding Party. This is probably the most loudest and impulsive wedding I have done. The ladies, the Bridal party was organized, but the gentleman decided to wing everything. They did do a very traditional Chinese wedding, so for the ones who are not familiar with it, I`m sure you will have fun reading the following =)
Getting ready...
Almost ready...


Now it's time for Make-Up

Last finishing touches.

Meet the Bridal Party.

Below is Fred ( Groom ) with his Groomsmen waiting outside in the cold because they arrived 15 minutes early and the Bridal Party refuses them to enter in early! Poor Guys. What happens at most Chinese weddings is that the Bridal Party normally gives the Groomsmen a hard time to get to the Bride. In order to get the Groom to see his Bride, they have to do some simple or hard tasks. In this case, this Bridal Party went quite extreme and made Fred really
earn it!

One of the task was passing the seaweed paper, mouth to mouth to the other 4 Groomsmen. Let`s just say the sheet gets shorter as it goes down the line and eyewitness say one couple did receive a kiss.

Second task was to..... I`m still gagging from this - is having the Groomsmen brush their teeth with WASABI. I`ve been told that this is a very popular task a lot of weddings play - I can see why! This gentleman is not enjoying this at all, out of the 5 of them the ladies let just 2 groomsmen do this task. How nice. This is basically to show what the Groom would do for his Bride.

Maybe its a candid moment, or is this Groomsmen enjoying this...

This is probably one of their more simpler task - a math question.

The Groomsmen are forced to wear diapers.

and sit on the Grooms lap and be fed baby food... strawberry jam mixed with sour cream...
This was to show that the Groom was prepare for parenthood.

These ladies are still torturing this group and insisted that these men have their legs waxed to understand what women do in general to maintain our looks. Each young men now has a hairless patch´or strip on their legs.

This task was intentionally for the Groom, but he told them that he was allergic to everything they offered to him. Lucky for him, one of his Groomsmen stepped to the plate and took this task on his behalf. This brave Groomsmen had to - get ready for this - to eat something hot (a pepper), bitter (ginger), sour and sweet (maple syrup) to prove he was willing to endure the hot, bitter, sour and sweet times of their marriage.

A very lucky number is 999, here we witness the Bridal Party requesting $999.99 which they convinced them that they do not have. After a while the Bridal Party excepted $99.00

They just paid themselves to walk up the stairs - as they were getting closer they had to serenade to her. They all tried to harmonized to `I`ll make love to you `by Boyz II Men.

And finally, the Bride is ready and missed everything that was going on outside of her room.
Susan - the Bride - decided to have soft romantic curls pinned to one side with slight volume on top. She uses a flat rhinestone accessory on one side and pinned small accessories throughout her hair. Her make-up was very natural with nude lips and a soft smokey with dark grey and purple.

After he picks her up, they go downstairs and have a traditional tea ceremony on the Bridal side and then drives to the Grooms house and have another Tea Ceremony for the Grooms side.

Game Time - Questionnaire.

I put her hair up and in a rhinestone headband to accomandate her wardrobe change. Darken her Smokey eye to a more dramatic eye, this time using black and gray. I touched her and her entire Bridal Party and changed the Bridal Party into a more evening look than the natural look they had in the morning.

Photo Credit: William Nguyen