Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrities with and without makeup

I'm sure you've seen some of your favourite celebrities without make-up and wonder.... What the ? Our eyes naturally get familiar with " first impressions" If you meet anyone in that matter, celebrity or not, we tend to recognized the initial physical look. Do these celebrities drop off the "Hot List to Not list"?

Most celebrities have Glam Squads that beautify them to perfection! It's only fair that their team do what they are hired to do best; which is why these fabulous ladies are always looking fabulous!

Our eyes cater to first impressions so whether it be their best show or not, it really isn't fair to judge. If you meet a women at the gym or local grocery store shes just your average looking gal, then you find her at a local club all dolled up shes a knockout! Or you get the reverse situation, you meet her at an event all dolled up, a knockout then you run into her at the gym and she's just "meh".

Remember, makeup should only enhance our features so its only obvious that we are "enhanced looking" Yes, I agree, make-up may do wonder.

Yup, thats me! This picture was taken a few years ago with Blemishes and all!!! Thanks to my Cousin allowing me to use this image.

Courtney Cox in my opinion at her age without makeup still looks stunning.

Jessica Simpson is one of my faves without makeup. Maybe its due to her Newlyweds show that I got used to it....hmmmmm

Kim Kardashian does do a transformation only because her makeup is dramatic with the smokey eye but nonetheless I still find her gorgeous.

Katherine is still a knockout in my books.

Big transformation! With a beauty Team as J Lo's its only right she looks this damn good! Money well spent but even her natural look still a beauty.

Jennifer Garner is one of my favourite Natural Beauties.

Brooke Shieds still a Stunner

America is still pretty.

Eva Longoria is a knock out with makeup but I'm sure Tony has no problem waking up to this beauty.