Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to Search for the Right Make-up Artist for your Wedding

With so many makeup artists out there, how do you separate the experienced from the inexperience. Thankfully with the internet, shopping for a makeup artist can be easier than it looks.  Here are some things to look out for when you are seeking a makeup artist for your wedding.
  •  Women are proficient in applying their everyday look, which works for your everyday but that doesn't mean that it will be camera friendly.
  •  Bridal makeup is not a just “heavier” application, its an enhancement of your features so you can  look good both in person and most importantly on camera. After all, photos and video will be your only reference to you special day.
  • You need a professional makeup artist to correctly match your skin complection and use complimenting colours not only work best with your skin tone and facial features but also work with your wardrobe the bridal party and wedding theme.
  •  Your hands are going to be full with other things to do. This is one less thing to worry about and to do yourself. Even makeup artist hire makeup artist!
  •   Plus it's pampering, and you totally deserve it
  • Ask lots of questions, ask about their formal training, years of training, how they got started.  Please note there are many artist that are self-taught and are amazing so don't feel insecure if this is the case.
  • A common practice is for artist to say they have several years of experience. However these years of experience may not be applicable to photography or bridal makeup.  The beauty industry can be slow in the beginning and the artist may have only limited experiemce.
  • If you find a makeup artist online, look at their portfolio.  Look at un-edit photos to see their style to see if it suits your comfort. If they don't have any photos online, ask them to email you.  A true artist will always have pictures of their work. No excuses
  • Things to consider, are they mobile, at the salon etc. What kind of services are you seeking?
  •  If you like what you see then BOOK A TRIAL
  • Why are trials important? It's crucial and worth the investment.  Most artist will charge a fee for a trial which is normal. During the trial you can figure out if the artist is right for you, no surprises on your Wedding Day! You're already stressed with other problems! And most importantly for time.  You want to be on schedule with everything, the last thing you want to do is have your makeup artist "guess" and " guess once more" what you like. In and out!
  •  We always like to suggest you set up your trial during an event this way you can see how it reacts to your face for long time periods or if your skin is sensitive to their products.  You want to eliminate any possible issues on the day of the Wedding. 
  •  We always suggest to wear white so you can have a better understanding as to how your makeup will look like against something white.  Other clothing colour may compliment your makeup and not look the same when you are in your white gown.
  • Bring any accessories that you may be wearing.
  • Bring a friend for a second opinion, not your FIANCE!
  • Bring a camera so you can see how it looks on film.
  •  Referrals are great when you are looking for an artist, you will get honest opinions of the artist. Search engines are great as well as wedding forums or any wedding related site. Book Mark some of your favourite artist and shop around. It's ok to SHOP!
  • A skilled makeup artist will recommend you what looks good on you.  This
  •  is why you are there, you are looking for a professional opinion. Pay attention, it should make sense when your artist is explaining to you why they are selecting these colours. You're artist should also listen to your needs and comfort of makeup. You both should have input
  • Your artist should create more than one look. How do you know what looks good on you if you don't try? This should be a full makeup application not half face, you will never get the full effect without a full face.
  •  Your artist should have a large selection of colours to choose from, look at their products to see array of colours and textures to suit every need. The makeup must be long-lasting, waterproof (including tear-proof eye makeup), high performance and photo friendly.  They should have a mix of all sorts of products from Industry brands to high end even some drug stores.
  • A true artist understands their tools will make or break them. Are they carrying waterproof products, do you see a consistency in their foundation choices or are they all different brands and types of foundations, dirty brushes and products spilled everywhere. You can be the judge. This is going on your face!
  • Hygiene and sanitation is extremely important, during your trial session, do you notice if your artist is using it directly from the products, are they cleaning in between, double dipping etc 
  • Ask your artist how they are going to remember the makeup application so they can re-create it. It may be photos, face charts etc?
  • Once you are comfortable with everything, secure your date!