Monday, November 9, 2009

Choosing the right Foundation

Some foundation tips to take in consideration when choosing one.

If you forget to remove your makeup before going to bed, we all know that its not good for your skin. I'm sure we get really lazy, especially after a long night of partying, who really wants to take that extra 5 mins or so to clean up that mess ( Cleaning / Moist towels may be your best friend at this point - but do a proper cleanse in the morning) .

Most modern foundations not only moisturize skin, but also protect it from harmful environment. Most foundation creams contain solar-control factors – (SPF, Titanium Dioxide)it's very important to protect your skin with SPF - especially in the Summer and Winter. Sun exposure increases and helps age lines, spots, wrinkles - the whole nine yards. You will notice women that are in very hot sunny places are likely to have more lines than someone who doesn't - with the exception of " cosmetic surgery". Any form of cosmetic applied to the skin is basically protection for that area such as foundation (face) lipstick (lips) etc.

Stick Foundation: Most stick foundation is a " All - In - One" thing. Concealer foundation and set powder. Normally, its good with the coverage and it's quick application. Good for someone that is on the go and needs minimal make-up. ( Perscriptives, Bobbi Brown)
Cream Foundation: Some cream foundations can be used as concealers because its very rich and thick. I would say cream foundation probably has longest lasting than the other foundations. It can be heavy and cakey at times. It's really depends which ones you buy. Every make the consistency and ingredients are different so results will vary. Nowadays, most cream foundation contain silicon, which means it does not stick directly to skin but rather creates a tiny layer over the skin, protecting it allowing air to circulate. Also most brands, the pigmentation is very fine that it's hard to clog pores like the old traditional foundations. So, not all creams clog pores. Thanks to the new modern creams. (RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Make-up Forever, Clinique)
Mousse Foundation: Mousse foundation is a cream foundation in a whipped consistency. It gives a lighter coverage than cream foundation and its also good on mature skin because mousse foundation doesn't settle in fine lines. The finish is mostly matte but it leaves your skin very velvety. ( Maybelline)
Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundation is probably the most common and popular of the choices because it pratically works on everyone. Liquid foundation gives good coverage, you can get them to light - medium full) and there are many formulas to choose from ( water based, silicone etc) and types ( matte finish, dewey finish, oil free etc) ( Make-up Forever Face and Body, Vincent Long Water Canvas, Perscriptives, Revlon, and Cover Girl)
Tinted Moisturizer: Tinted moisturizer is basically a moisturizer with some colour/pigmentation in it. It's ideal for someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup but just wants to even out their skin. ( MAC, Almay)
Cream to Powder: It is used recommended for oily skin since it sets to a matte. It's fast and convenient and a fast alternative to liquid foundation. (MAC, Smashbox)
Powder Foundation: Is a powder that is heavier on the pigmentation to give more coverage than a blotting / press powder. It's ideal for someone who is shiny/oily and just needs to eliminate shine and even out the skin tone. ( Make-up Forever and Smashbox wet/dry)