Monday, November 9, 2009

Au Natural - Cargo Cosmetics

Model is wearing the essential kit with the exception of the eyeshadow, foundation, brows and eyeliner.
Photo: Helen Tran

I have always been a CARGO Awarding Lip gloss and Blush Fan. Cargo really knows how to make them. Some of you may be familiar with the blu_ray line which came out about a year ago but I recently had the opportunity to use some of their products recently and I am simply impressed with it. My first attempt, I got Blogger Tina purchasing a kit when I used the products on her which she is upset with me at the moment since she's not a huge make-up fan and now a CARGO blu_ray fan. I think it was the blush/highlighter that really sold her.
<= This shoot was the second time I used it and just look how flawless her skin looks. Barely there! blu_ray is a line from CARGO which was actually designed for make-up artist to use in hi-def television/film, at the same time was also catered for your everyday woman that wanted to wear make-up but at the same time not feel made-up. Their challenge was to create make-up that looks perfectly natural. The make-up had to disappear under the scrutiny of high definition

Due to the popular demand from Make-up Artist and Women everywhere, CARGO decided to to expand their line. There latest line extension provides you with more must-have basics to enhance your daily routine.

This spring, CARGO provides even more tools to help you look flawless and natural in any light.
Introducing blu_ray™ Lip Gloss with new Timestrip® technology; new shades of blu_ray™ Pressed Powder; blu_ray™ Bronzer; and an amazing value set: the blu_ray™ Essentials Kit. ( retails for an amazing $59.00 USD and CDN)

This line includes:
blu_ray™ Lip Gloss with NEW Timestrip® technology -- $24
Developed for high-definition filming, blu_ray™ Lip Gloss provides fuller, smoother looking lips. The innovative formula contains hyaluronic acid spheres and a peptide chain to plump lips and reduce fine lines. blu_ray™ Lip Gloss also improves lip elasticity, comfort and hydration. Transparent pearl pigments ensure an even colour payoff.

CARGO has now enhanced blu_ray™ Lip Gloss with new Timestrip® technology, a groundbreaking system which ensures that you use your Lip Gloss only as long as it remains fresh and effective. To activate, just insert the strip into the cap of the gloss. The Timestrip® window will start turning red, indicating the passage of time. When nine months have gone by and the entire window is red, you know it is time to throw out your gloss. blu_ray™ Lip Gloss with Timestrip® technology is available in seven luscious colours:
Belize – Warm Sunny Pink
Panama – Muted Raspberry
Halifax – Palest Peach Blush
Bogota – Rich Red Plum
Vermont – Golden CafĂ© Latte
Laredo – Shimmering Nude
Montego – Classic Rose

blu_ray™ Pressed Powder (NEW shades) -- $32
blu_ray™ Pressed Powder’s photo chromatic pigments automatically colour correct make-up, so that colour stays consistent in all types of lighting. Its ultra-fine particles fill in fine lines, while micronized light diffusers reflect light randomly to camouflage imperfections. The result: great coverage that looks completely natural, day in and day out.

blu_ray™ Bronzer -- $30
A matte bronzer that looks incredibly natural, without any shine or shimmer. This high-technology Bronzer contains photochromatic pigments to automatically colour correct make-up so that colour stays consistent in all types of lighting. The ultra-fine optical blurring pigments randomly scatter light to camouflage imperfections. The result is a natural-looking matte glow that is never orange or streaky.

blu_ray™ Essentials Kit -- $49 (a regular retail value of $110!)
A collection of everything you need for natural, picture-perfect beauty in a flash. The blu_ray™ Essentials Kit contains four must-haves for your real-life close-ups:

blu_ray™ Mascara
Under the magnifying glass of high-definition, CARGO’s blu_ray™ Mascara lengthens, curls, defines and separates lashes. blu_ray™ Mascara creates lashes that are full and long, yet look perfectly natural. The special comb applicator guarantees that you won’t miss a single lash in those hard-to-reach areas.

blu_ray™ Lip Gloss with Timestrip® technology in Belize
The innovative lip plumping formula with the high-tech Timestrip® component in a universally flattering warm pink shade.

blu_ray™ Bronzer
For a radiant, matte summer glow, any time of the year. Skin looks gently bronzed, never orange or streaky.

blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter in Peach
The ultimate blush and highlighter in one! This universally flattering shade is perfect for spring. blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter has photo chromatic pigments that adjust to ambient lighting to provide a natural finish, day or night. For perfectly glowing skin, the irregular particle size diffuses light and creates an optical blurring that imparts a softer, more refined complexion. Micro-fine particles fill in fine lines.

For more information visit the blu_ray website.