Thursday, November 20, 2008

Makeup Forever Cosmetics

So here it is, the reveal of my all time favourite product line. My partner better know as May Nguyen, the make up junkie is addicted to trying EVERYTHING! I've seen MUF in Sephora all the time and tired it here and there but after I tried their Aqua Eyes Liner I was instantly hooked. I love the versatility of the packaging and the size of the eye shadows. Not to mention the high pigment and bright colour pallets.

Many women have been searching for years for a pencil eye line that will not smudge. If you have watery eyes like me, i bet its impossible for you to apply black pencil and not have it on the bottom of your eyes by the end of the day.

Well ladies look no more, Aqua Eyes Water Proof Eyeliner is your solution. Its amazingly soft on your eyes with high pigment that can be used to line your inner or outer eye area. Exits in 20 Colours.
High Definition Foundation

With technology enhancing rapidly this HD foundation was created to meet the needs of television and high mega pixel cameras. This oil free formula is designed to not only give you a flawless finish, but also to moisturize the skin as well.

If I am not air brushing my foundation on, HD is what I use personally on a daily basis. It applies on soo smoothly I am able to wear it all day. It's great for mature skin because it is matted with the HD translucent powder and the bottle is air proof which I love for hygienic reasons.

I will forever be a MAKE UP FOREVER artist until I retire my blending brush!