Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leni-Jayne & Mikes Wedding Sept 27,2008

Leni-Jayne's wedding will be one event that will remain in my heart for a long time. She was such a sweet kind hearted bride that was such a treat to work for. I met her back in April of 2008 for her first trial. I had the opportunity to provide her with a skin consultation to help her get her skin in perfect shape for her day. We had about 5 months to achieve results and we did it in perfect timing. I had put her on the Gerard skin care line for eczema skin and she noticed results in just a week. With her determination, trust in me and a promise that she would keep up with her daily regimen, her skin was absolutely glowing.

For Leni's lips I used a nearly nude lipstick with a touch of gloss to give her a natural look.

Leni wanted a very soft smokey eye look with a touch of shine. This look was perfect for her especially because of her eye shape.

Early Morning start.

The beautiful bridal party.