Monday, January 12, 2009

Philosophy Skin Care

I am not a huge fan of Skin Care but when I got samples of these products, I absolutly fell in love and hooked. I give these products 10/10 hands down! Not sure of the product, try investing in their trial / travel packages. There are many different packages you can try before commiting to this product. Buying them in sets is ideal as you get a better value for your money.

Price Tag is a little up there, but so worth it. It actually goes a long way! My Two most favourite products!

To a perfect make-up application - needs a perfect canvas - which needs the proper skincare.The Microdelivery Peel

What it is: A two-step, exfoliating, skin makeover.

What it is formulated to do:The Microdelivery Peel Kit not only exfoliates the skin, it delivers vitamin C and peptides to the skin. This completely new approach to skin rejuvenation resurfaces and replenishes the skin at the same time.

What else you need to know:Kit includes a 2 oz The Microdelivery Peel, Lactic/Salicylic Activating Gel and a 2 oz Vitamin C/Peptide Resurfacing Crystals.

Step 1: apply vitamin c crystals to a clean dry face.
Step 2: gently massage using circular motions to buff away dead, dry skin cells for thirty to sixty seconds; and then leave on skin for one to three minutes.
Step 3: apply a thin layer of activator gel over crystals.
Step 4: after applying activator gel, a warming sensation and foam will appear. leave on for one minute and then rinse.

Price: $65.00 USD

Hope in a Jar

What it is: A therapeutic daily facial moisturizer for all skin types.

What it is formulated to do:The original formula of Hope In A Jar was originally created for the medical market and is a world-renowned skin cream. For years, plastic surgeons have been recommending this formula to patients in pursuit of younger, healthier skin. Results can be seen and felt within days - a healthy, rosy glow to the skin that doesn't require makeup or cover up.

Price: 15 USD - 60 USD 0.5 oz - 4 oz

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