Monday, January 30, 2012

Teenage Make-up

A lot of of young ladies have been messaging me in regards to what is "Age Appropriate Make-up" To be honest, I stand by this very strongly... Less is ALWAYS better. I believe there isn't a specific age where you should start applying make-up. Since cosmetics in general is a lot more popular than the time I was growing up, girls are having the interest of starting to appreciate make-up at an earlier age. Sometimes when I am working, I noticed very young girls patiently watching me while I apply makeup. A lot of the times, the would even start asking me a lot of questions. I even get girls asking me make-up questions at the age of 3!

I always recommend that everyone should take care of their skin, drink lots of water and follow a daily skin regimen. Since there are many different lines of skincare/products out there, try different products to see what works best for you. A clear canvas is always the best way to start any make-up application. Try starting with something simple, eye-liner, blush, lipgloss etc. Slowly you can incorporate other products such as foundation and concealer if you really feel the need to. I always think its best to allow your skin to breathe, cover-up such as foundation or concealer should be considered during special events or worn at minimal if you are starting at a very young age.

Meet my client " Jane" 17 year old beauty, never wears make-up, look at her, why should she. Since she was attending her prom she allowed me to be a little bit more creative and apply more make-up than she normally wears. I decided to just focus on her eyes, she did request that her make-up look natural but would like to have dramatic eyes. She never wears makeup especially foundation so she wanted something light on her skin, nothing cakey and over done. She still wanted to feel like herself.

What we used:
Face: Waterbased Kett Foundation ( Airbrush ) , Setting with Kett No Colour Loose Powder.
Cheeks: Kett Airbrush Blush in Angel
Brows: MAC Cork Eye Shadow
Eyes: MAC Carbon Eyeshadow from lid and blended it out to the top, Highlighted the Brow Bone with Anastasia Brow Crayon in Nude and set it with MAC Shroom Eye Shadow on top. Make-up Forever Aqua Black Cream Liner and a set of false lashes.
Lips: She went with a nude lip, but we took this photo before that oops!